The Braless Experiment: Day 1

So going completely braless 24 hours a day, seven days a week is not a realistic option for me. My wardrobe does not permit it, and that is definitely something you have to work up to.

But today is my first day going braless. I went to WaWa (the convenience store) last night braless with a sweatshirt on. That was pretty progressive for me because two weeks ago I didn’t even take my bra off when I was in my room alone. Today, however, I am going to spend the day without a bra, and test run the waters.

Wardrobe choice is really important in going braless, because even though there’s nothing wrong with it (and it’s actually beneficial to you) it is not in the realm of the social norm. Because of this, other people have advised:

  • Don’t wear white
  • Wear a shirt/dress with an a-line or empire waist cut for a little support
  • Avoid light cottons and silk materials
  • Bring a sweater for unpredictable circumstances like rain or temperature drops (think frozen food aisle in the grocery store)

I’m wearing a pink cotton dress with an a-line cut, and an oversized gray shirt from Zara above that, since the dress material is too light for me to feel comfortable braless in public. I’m also bringing my oversized denim shirt to put on in case, well, you happens.

Have you considered going braless today?

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